Welcome to the official website of the folklore museum of the Cultural Association of Plataria, in Thesprotia, Greece! You can surf throughout this website in order to acquire more information regarding the museum’s laographic exhibits and organized events.

Plataria’s Folklore Museum was founded in 2007, following an initiative taken by the Cultural Club of Plataria and is hosted in the village’s old primary school. Some of the main aims of the museum are the promotion of the folk culture, the organization, recording, preservation as well as the expansion of the exhibition items. The museum’s exhibition was put together thanks to the kind donations and the borrowing of items especially from the residents of Plataria as well as of nearby areas. The criteria for the collection and promotion of the exhibition items were primarily their usability and rarity as well as their overall aesthetic value.

The exhibition layout inside the two museum halls is based on a thematic categorization of the items into two main sections. This categorization was conducted based on whether the items used to be part of indoor or outdoor activities. The first section relates to traditional professions and manual jobs whose aims were the provision of raw materials and the production of goods. The second section presents items of household equipment related to the preparation and consumption of food, the production of personal and household clothing as well as the home’s overall furniture and lighting.

The collection of the Folklore Museum of Plataria demonstrates elements of the pre-industrial society and is a representative sample of the folklore of that era.


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